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Friendly, Mobile Websites Drives New Business


With a responsive theme design you don't need a mobile website separate from your main website, because they are all built into one.  50% of all internet searches are now done on mobile devices. With the Pixo Doctor Premium theme you can give your patients and customers a great user experience with easy navigation on smart phones (i.e. iPhone) or tablets (i.e. iPad) using your existing website content.  With the responsive Pixo Office Premium theme for Concrete5 the website will detect wheather a user is on a desktop, smart phone or tablet and will automagically deliver the ultimate user experience with big navigation buttons for that user. 100% compatible with all modern mobile devices!  Try the mobile device similator below to see mobile sites in action or even better yet try this site on your own mobile device at

Test Smart Phone Version

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Test Tablet Version

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Order the Pixo Epic Premium theme for just $45.  720.334.PIXO (7496)

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